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  • Tax Documents – If you’ve purchased an item at one of our auctions, use our database to find tax documents for your state.
  • Financing – We can help arrange financing prior to the auction so you can get the equipment you need.
  • Freight Quote – We provide freight quotes to help determine how much it will cost to transport your equipment to your location.
  • Appraisals  – We can help you arrange an appraisal of your equipment through Southeast Equipment Appraisal Services, Inc.


As you are aware, CARFAX is an entirely voluntary reporting service. Since Martin & Martin Auctioneers, Inc. cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of these reports, we will no longer be using this service.  If you would like a Carfax on a particular item, we can give you the Carfax website address or we will run the report for you for a $50 fee.

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