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Martin & Martin Auctioneers, Inc. ranks among the foremost multi-purpose auction companies in the South. Our expert team has been conducting onsite (live) public auctions for 42 years.  With our extensive inventory, simple onsite and online bidding options, and full-service auction facilities, Martin & Martin has become a recognized leader in construction and heavy equipment auctions.

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Onsite & Online Bidding

Our auctions are always open to the public.  We offer convenient onsite(live) and online bidding options. With onsite bidding, you simply arrive at the auction site on auction day, register at the front counter, check the schedule for the items you are interested in, go to the bidding area, and start bidding. With online bidding, you simply register online prior to auction day, login to the online bidding system on auction day, and join the auction to bid online in real time.

Benefits of Public Auctions

For both buyers and sellers, public auctions offer many advantages to traditional equipment sales options:


  • Competitive and open bids result in higher prices.
  • Equipment can be quickly converted into capital.
  • Immediate confirmation of sale.
  • Auction experts handle all aspects from start to finish.


  • Extensive selection of used equipment at exceptional values.
  • Convenient onsite and online bidding options.
  • Inspect, test, and compare equipment before bidding so you can buy with confidence.

For more information about our live public auctions, please email us, call us at 864.947.7888, or use our live chat.