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Real Estate Auctions

For more information about property auctions, please call Jennifer Upton at 864.946.8019 or email Jennifer@mmaauction.com.

Having served the auction industry for over 42 years, Martin & Martin Auctioneers, Inc. today ranks among the foremost multi-purpose auction companies in the South. Year after year, our real estate auction process has yielded successful results at public auction from Dallas to Greenville and many places in between. From research and advertising to buyer registration and post-auction follow up, Martin & Martin exceeds the standards for excellence in asset remarketing.

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Commercial & Residential Property Auctions

Martin & Martin is your partner in getting the most money for your agricultural, commercial or industrial property at auction. A minimum of 15,000 full color brochures are mailed out for every major auction, and our proprietary database of 100,000+ is kept in-house and updated daily as address changes and requests for information are received. Customers’ purchases are tracked and recorded so they can receive notices of similar auctions in the future. From residential homes and commercial property to land lots, our auction specialists have extensive experience successfully marketing all types of real estate.

Advantages of Real Estate Auctions

Public auctions offer many advantages to traditional real estate sales:

  • Added excitement and attention on a “specific date” auction.
  • Open, fair, and non-discriminatory bidding process opens the market to all prospects.
  • Creates a sense of energy, which is conducive to maximizing returns to the seller and a reduction in marketing time.
  • Provides immediate confirmation of sale.
  • Terms are agreed upon and signed by the buyer before bidding.
  • In multiple-property auctions, sellers receive the benefits of auction remarketing without sole responsibility for the costs.
  • Auction experts handle all aspects from start to finish.

Additional Auction Benefits

The auction method of selling is no longer a last resort. Selling your farm, commercial building, residential property, land lot, or other real estate at auction offers advantages not found in other methods:

  • Thousands of people see your real estate.
  • Competitive and open bids result in higher prices.
  • Service is fast and complete from start to finish.
  • Property can be converted into capital in a short period of time.

For more information about commercial or residential property auctions, please contact Jennifer Upton, email our office, call us at 864.947.7888 or use our live chat.