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Sell Construction Equipment, Trucks, & More

Martin & Martin Auctioneers, Inc. has been conducting public auctions since 1973. Our flexible selling options and expert sales team make it easy to sell your used construction equipment, heavy equipment, trucks, and more. From searching past auction results and helping arrange an appraisal to help determine item pricing to arranging for equipment refurbishing to prepare your item for sale, Martin & Martin provides comprehensive services to ensure a successful auction experience. Our goal is to make the auction process straightforward and hassle-free so you can sell your items quickly and for a competitive price.

Interested in selling your items at an upcoming auction? Learn about our auction process, seller guidelines, and more:

At Martin & Martin, we help you convert your equipment into capital, and our auction experts handle all aspects of your sale from start to finish. For additional information about selling your used construction equipment, heavy equipment, trucks, and more through our public auctions, contact us today or call us at 864.947.7888.