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Title Information

Because of new regulators in the office of the Department of Motor Vehicles of South Carolina which controls and monitors the sale of motor vehicles in the State of South Carolina, we will no longer be able to sell a titled item unless the title is in our office. The best case scenario will always be for the title to accompany the vehicle when the vehicle arrives on our yard. If a lien is in place, there must be a copy of the title showing the lien. A Bill of Sale must be completed when the vehicle is checked onto the yard.

Unless you have a valid Motor Vehicle Dealer License issued by your state, any vehicle that you wish to consign to our auction must have your name and/or company name and address showing on the front of the title. You must also execute a Bill of Sale to accompany the title at check-in when the vehicle is delivered to our yard. We will no longer be allowed to accept a title that is not in your name and/or company name or one that has been signed on the back by the owner on the front that is not you – NO OPEN TITLES will be accepted under any circumstances.

If you have a valid Motor Vehicle Dealer License you will be required to bring with your title a completed Bill of Sale to Martin & Martin Auctioneers, Inc. showing your Vehicle Dealer License Number.

Since the turnaround time for getting titles transferred differ from state to state, please act now to get all your titles in order regardless of how, when or where you plan to sell your vehicles. Any vehicle arriving on our yard without a title will be placed in a holding area and not be added to the current auction.

Your business is very important to us and we appreciate all the business we get; however, we are certain that the DMV is very serious and we will not be risking a fine of $10,000.00 and/or two years imprisonment for any vehicle. We have very capable title agents on staff that will be glad to assist you with any questions you have regarding this major change. Please call us if you have any questions before planning to send your vehicle(s) to our auction yard.

Other Important Information

Martin & Martin will NOT sell items with salvage history or "cleaned-up" titles. If this is discovered after the item is sold, the item will be returned to our yard at the seller's expense and buyer given a complete refund.

For all items that have a current, outstanding lien, we must have a copy of the front and back of the title with the lien showing on the front of the title copy.

After the cut off dates (Friday prior to each auction @ 5:00 p.m.), any items with incomplete title documentation will be held for the next auction or can be picked up at the owner's convenience. NO TITLES WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THE CURRENT AUCTION AFTER THIS CUT-OFF DATE.