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Timed Auctions

Martin & Martin Auctioneers, Inc. offers a bi-monthly timed auction service.  These bi-monthly, timed auctions are a great way to buy and sell quality construction equipment, farm equipment, trucks, trailers, and related items in between our regularly scheduled live auctions. The timed auction process is simple, convenient, and designed to maximize both buyer and seller satisfaction.

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Timed Auction

Online Bidding

Our timed auctions are open to the public and are conducted through an easy-to-use online bidding system. To participate in our timed auctions, simply register online, review the available items for sale, and determine how much you wish to bid for the items you are interested in. Bidding is open for several days, so you can set your maximum bid for specific items in advance and let the system bid for you.

Benefits of Timed Auctions

Our timed auctions offer both buyers and sellers a number of advantages over traditional equipment sales options:


  • Competitive bidding results in higher prices.
  • Equipment can be quickly converted into capital.
  • Auction experts handle all aspects from start to finish.


  • Extensive selection of used equipment at exceptional values.
  • Convenient advanced online bidding process.
  • Review and compare equipment before bidding so you can buy with confidence.

For more information about our timed auctions, please email us, call us at 864.947.7888, or use our live chat.